Feb 2014
Roger Weingarten’s “The Four Gentlemen and Their Footman” Now an E-Chapbook!
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Last October we were thrilled to publish Roger Weingarten’s poetic sequence "The Four Gentlemen and Their Footman" as part of our ongoing series, Conte Presents. While you can still view the poem’s original incarnation here, we are pleased to announce that the poem is now available as a free electronic chapbook, featuring paintings by Kate Fetherston and an afterword by Marcus Cafagna. We hope you enjoy these wild, kinetic, and expressive sestinas as much as we do. Indeed, several contributing editors for the forthcoming Pushcart Prize anthology have now nominated the project for this prestigious award!

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2 Responses:

Marcia LeBeau said:

This is a tour de force! I feel like if I had written something so autobiographical, wild and brilliant with my spouse providing the perfect visual compliment, I’d just put my pen down and stop. Either that or I’d be so excited, I’d write for eternity. Whatever the case, truly inspiring work.
Bravo to Roger and Kate! Word.

Christina Cook said:

Kate Featherson’s exquisite artwork and Roger Weingarten’s gymnastic poems are clearly in perfect tune with one another, each exactly expressing the soul and spirit of the other. Their by turn explosive and muted colors, their complexity, and their dynamism have a visual and narrative life that exist in perfect symbiosis. Together, they have created an unforgettable experience for an online reader: printed words and images pale in comparison to what these four gentleman and their footman bring to life inside each of us.

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