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Every writer gets stuck sometimes. If you have a story or poem that you know has potential, but somehow isn't coming together, please feel free to submit your work via our regular Submittable page and tag it with the "Workshop" category. The submissions that we select will be reprinted on our front page with our comments, for the purposes of soliciting opinions and suggestions from the other readers of Conte. Even the ones we don't pick will, at the very least, receive some attempt at meaningful advice from the editors in a private response. We currently accept workshop pieces on a rolling basis, year-round.

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The Odds, by Nancy Scott Hanway

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
Workshop | 9 Comments »

A few months ago we put up a call for work that the submitters knew wasn’t quite there yet -  the idea being that a nice thorough deconstruction might not only help the author get a stalled piece moving again, but potentially shine some relevant light on stories that some of our other readers might [...]