Just James

by Anthony Frame


His deep brown eyes are bookended
by a pale glow that mirrors moonlights.
Shadowy eyebrows reflect serifs
beneath his outdated mop-top hair
as James lunges like a nail toward
the dome light of his rust black truck.


Television rays flashed through his glass, a blushing

as his beer stained hands cozied next to my
     prepubescent voice.
Over long whispers of Vodka and Mountain Dew, James
     told me
he couldnít handle the way I turned sentences into
His fingers, tuned to the construction of oil filters
and combine engines, fail at grasping my syllables and



His truck putters to life like the sun
spreading throughout the horizon.
He brings his bent windshield wiper
from the claustrophobic cab
and peels off ice. As he inhales, his ashy cigarette explodes
against his midnight leather jacket.
James is a dying star rushing
alone through the emptiness of space.


He wore a pinstriped awkwardness that glowed in the
     light of the fridge
as he chugged shot after shot and hollered
With a smile, I explained to the Saturday night party
of casual slacks and sweaters, Donít worry. Thatís

     just James.
He returned to the comfort of the couch, mixed drink
     in hand.
We gathered around to see if his drunk hands could
     play guitar one more time.


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