A journal of narrative writing.
Shariah Court Honor Killing

Those condemned
to stoning, who run away and escape
are allowed to go free, according to law.
The man must be
buried up to his waist. The woman
to her neck.

A stone is defined thus:
nothing so large as to cause death
upon only two or three blows; nothing
so small
as to be no longer considered a stone.

The people shout
God is Great. Adulteress, even if
you manage to dig your way out
the women are always caught.

Better to kiss the boy
weaned early for your execution, step quietly
down into the ditch, modestly arrange
your linen garment, silk veil, arms
folded, one hand
upon each breast, until

bystanders toss rubble to fill the pit, dust
settles and the boy's cry
lets down your milk, your blood
into the earth that used to be
mother. It is his right after all,
to bear witness.